Betty Belts - Mermaid Tails Adjustable Ring, Sterling

Betty Belts

Betty Belts - Mermaid Tails Adjustable Ring, Sterling
I sketched this one up one gorgeous golden hour in Bali last summer and immediately knew it would become a mermaid essential. The two tails symbolize two mermaids connected by the sea.
As with all open-ended designs, you will need to be extra mindful while wearing this ring. Please gently bend the tails to fit flush on your finger so that they are less likely to get caught on things in your daily life. I also recommend wearing this ring on your middle or ring finger to best prevent it catching on anything. Turn ring inward when you get dressed to avoid snags. While you can adjust and even angle the mermaid tails to your own aesthetic and comfort, always bend gently to keep your silver in prime condition.
Hand made
.925 sterling silver
Always made with dignity