Our Mission

To inspire a movement that will help people recognize the importance of living a sustainable life by becoming more self-reliant and therefore less dependent on unnatural foods and goods - one grow-bag, one organic t-shirt and one community at a time.

Our Product

The majority of our products are made from organic or recycled materials. We're passionate about sourcing the finest sustainable materials and in so doing; we support organic farms throughout the world. Buying and supporting organic goods persuades more farmers to grow organic.

Our Farm

We have developed and continually maintain an organic farm in New Castle, Colorado that produces fresh produce and livestock that we donate to our society members, the community and promotional events. It also provides a place for our society members and others to come live the Coalatree lifestyle, plant and harvest the garden, fish, float the river, skateboard and greet the outdoors.

Our Customers

We believe that you reap what you sow - not only with growing, but also in all aspects of life. Therefore, we know that our customers deserve more than just quality product and we work tirelessly to make sure that we nurture and maintain relationships with our customers and the surrounding communities.

385) 229-4840
0117 CTY RD. 335 (New Castle, Colorado 81647)