Behind the Brands

Here is a more in depth look at the brands and products we carry here at Grace & Greene. 

31 Bits

Alternative Apparel

Now is the time for an alternative solution. A clothing company that really gets it. We know our customers want clothes that aren’t just about looking good, but feeling good. Clothes that are perfectly worn in and perfect for any occasion—clothes for a casual, truly comfortable lifestyle.

From the vintage-soft feel of our fabrics and flawless fits to our one-of-a-kind washes and hand-detailed designs, we’re all about creating comfort, both inside and out. The quality and care that go into our clothes reflects who we are as a company. And our authenticity is not just in the product but in the people.

We’re a group that really cares. We take pride in our work and our craftsmanship. We thrive on collaboration, especially creatively. And we all take our social responsibility and commitment to the community seriously—living passionately, purposefully and without compromise.

At the end of the day, we feel good about what we do. We’re excited about the future and we’re making clothes that are going to be with us all the way—not just because we’re attached to them, but because we know that comfort will always be in style.


Since the beginning, the hallmark of an Alternative garment has been its softness. Our design and development teams are on a constant quest to find the best ways to achieve this emblematic trait across our line, and do it responsibly using methods that align with our commitment to sustainability. The G2 Eco-Wash fits the bill in every way, reducing water waste and chemical use in the finishing and aging of garments to produce a broken-in, soft feel.

Developed by Jeanologia, a research and development center based in Spain servicing the garment industry, the G2 is a specialized all-in-one washing machine that uses “ozone technology” to transform air from the atmosphere into a blend of active oxygen and ozone called plasma. (The G2 in its name refers to the two gases, oxygen and ozone, that serve as a substitute for water.) The plasma is used in combination with water to wash garments and produce an aging effect. Washing with atmosphere reduces chemical, water and energy usage during the process, resulting in a 60% savings in energy and water over traditional finishing methods. Once the process is completed, the plasma is then converted back into purified air before being returned to the atmosphere.

This spring, Alternative introduced men’s and women’s styles in 100% cotton chambray and oxford, two woven fabrics more traditionally associated with crisp structure. We employed the G2 Eco-Wash to impart the soft hand most commonly associated with our knit pieces, putting the Alternative spin on new button ups, dresses, tops and skirts that bring an expanded point of view to our Spring collection.

The G2 Eco-Wash is just one tool that we’ve encountered in our search for sustainable softness. Through discovery and innovation, we’re committed to challenging ourselves to find ways to improve our processes and products in all phases, from thread to finish.


Working on a global scale, we respect and
value the rights of workers in all countries
and believe in the right to fair and safe
workplace conditions.

Our factories shown here are in accordance
with the Fair Labor Association
(FLA) Workplace Code of Conduct.

Additionally, many of the factories we work
with are certified by Worldwide Responsible
Accredited Production (WRAP), an independent,
non-profit team of global social compliance


Arbor’s mission is to create a high level of function, relevance, and style in the most responsible way possible. To that end, we added a line of clothing that fits our vibe and complements our boards. A portion of that apparel takes advantage of fabrications like bamboo and organic cotton, which deliver performance, comfort, and accountability. More visibly, the apparel allows us to highlight our efforts to support the protection and restoration of forests in Hawaii. It’s in the name Arbor.


Eco Skin

ecoSkin is a privately-held California apparel company offering chic, contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy woman. Core to its planet-friendly mission, ecoSkin uses only environmentally sustainable luxury fabrics woven, dyed and sewn in the USA.

ecoSkin is the brainchild of industry veteran and founder, Sandy Skinner. Sandy has lived apparel for 17+ years, working in virtually every aspect of the industry from buying to managing operations to being President of a contemporary brand. As a non-profit volunteer and amateur environmentalist, Sandy also has lived with a personal respect for people and planet and a desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Over the years, Sandy recognized that the apparel industry could do much more to support a healthy environment. She also knew the industry could do more for contemporary women who wanted to live a responsible, green lifestyle but also wanted to look eco-chic and sexy. Increasingly, Sandy asked herself the frustrating question why the industry offered women so few responsible choices.

In 2007, Sandy stopped asking the question and decided to act. Using her years of apparel experience and natural drive, she launched ecoSkin to make a positive difference for apparel customers and planet alike. The company took off like a rocket, proving Sandy right—women didn’t want to and didn’t need to choose between sexy-hip-chic and eco-friendly. They could be both!

Sandy operates ecoSkin with attention to the smallest detail in her quest to improve the environment and provide a socially responsible contemporary collection. She insists her dye houses and manufacturing facilities—all in the Los Angeles area—follow her demanding quality, environmental and labor standards. And, she personally oversees every high-quality and eco-friendly detail, from the selection of raw material to the oversight of meticulous local dying, weaving and sewing to the design of green hangtags and labels.

“This is my passion,” Sandy says. “I am committed to making ecoSkin a successful company that I and the industry can be proud of.” She adds: “We are in our infancy with many aspects of eco-friendly apparel. Green technology and environmental standards are still evolving and quality raw materials and dyes are scarce. All of this is challenging but worth the effort. The more customers demand responsibly-produced eco-friendly products, the more the industry will demand responsible suppliers and the faster we will clean up our planet, making green living mainstream living.”

As a green brand, ecoSkin offers contemporary women the opportunity to make a positive environmental difference one purchase at a time.

Arbor Collective

An expanding cooperative of athletes, designers, artists, and friends whose shared goal is to combine forward thinking design and next level craftsmanship with a longterm commitment to the environment.  For 18 years, the Arbor Collective has supported this mission with the highest quality snowboards, skateboards, and clothing possible.

TOMs Shoes

Krochet Kids

31 Bits

Kallie Dovel, traveled to Uganda in the summer of 2007, getting a first- hand look at life in Northern Uganda. While she was there, she met women making paper beads but who lacked a plan to market and sell them. After spending time in their homes and hearing their stories, Kallie knew there had to be a way to give opportunities to her new friends. She brought a box of jewelry back to the U.S., and spent the next year finishing her degree and dreaming up the concept of a development organization. She brought a few friends on board and her ideas quickly evolved into 31 Bits. The girls traveled back to Uganda in August 2008, and selected six women to begin buying jewelry from on a monthly basis. Since then, we have grown to 99 women; each with a unique story of suffering that has been overcome with joy and liberation. Find out more about what we do in Uganda.