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Grace & Greene, an eco-friendly boutique, is located in the Redondo Beach Riviera Village, one block from the beach. We offer a range of products including men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, surf gear and artwork all made from a variety of materials in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.  We also carry our own line of eco-swimwear, Odina, which is made from recycled nylon and reclaimed fabrics. 

Our mission at Grace & Greene is to bring high-quality, fashionable yet comfortable, sustainable products to the public.  We believe that fashion, comfort and environmental consciousness can all coexist and our aim is to bring the brands and products that we believe best exemplify this spirit to you!  But we don’t stop there, we believe that these natural and recycled products aren’t just as good as conventional products, they’re better and if you try them out you’ll agree too!

We also believe buying domestically produced products from local companies is the best way to ensure economic sustainability for our local communities and nation at large; this is why the majority of the brands represented in our store are southern California based and manufactured domestically.  At Grace & Greene economy is just as important as environment because economics is at the heart of sustainability—if something is not economical it is not sustainable.   This is why we also sell products at a range of prices from inexpensive gifts to moderately priced items to even a few slightly more expensive “statement pieces.” 


Besides just selling eco-friendly products, at Grace & Greene we put sustainability into practice. The store incorporates many green elements, including bamboo flooring, low-emission lighting, and biodegradable and recycled packing materials.  Additionally, we have bike parking directly in front of the store, so you can even ride your bike here! 


    At Grace & Greene we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible with every decision we make.  But for us it’s not just about simply doing good, it’s about looking and feeling good too!  And that more than anything is what you’ll get when you shop at Grace & Greene: clothes and accessories that satisfy your fashionable side but satisfy your soul and skin also!    


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