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Cee Cee & Bee - Rose Hydrosol Facial Toner

Cee Cee & Bee

Cee Cee & Bee - Rose Hydrosol Facial Toner

The Rose Hydrosol is a blend of steam distilled rose petals and rose hips which naturally contain essential oils. Light and fresh on the skin with a wonderful herbal rose aroma. Perfect as a light toner with anti-aging properties.

Rose petals are known in Ayurvedic Medicine for their ability to detoxify and calm the senses, and are naturally astringent, helping to tighten and tone pores.

Use it every morning and night after cleansing, and before serum, and bask in the delicate fragrance of the rose.

PURE AND SIMPLEE 3 INGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS: Rose Hydrosol, Rosehip Hydrosol, Radish Root Ferment
Hydrosol is a collection of the steam from distilling flowers or herbs. Hydrosols contain similar properties to the essential oil counterpart, but they are less concentrated and are wonderful when used directly on your skin. No diluting is necessary! Unlike essential oil added to water, a true hydrosol is completely packed with plant properties down to the very last ounce.
CeeCee & Bee is your Simplee Pure & Natural Apothecary. All products are designed with sensitive skin in mind. WE NEVER USE Sulfates, Parabens or Synthetic Ingredients. WE ALWAYS USE Sustainable, Natural and Organic ingredients sourced as locally to San Diego, CA as possible.