Indie Ella - Double Infinity Scarf

Indie Ella

Indie Ella - Double Infinity Scarf
The uniquely lovely silk sari's are sourced from Bangalore and they are only worn once. You see, it is customary for the affluent women of Bangalore to attend a plethora of social functions every year, sometimes up to one hundred and fifty or more. When they do so, it is very uncouth to ever be seen in the same sari twice, thus they must dawn new ones for each event. While that may not be a practice we at Indie Ella support, we certainly look to bring these beautiful garments a second life by making them in to one of Jayna's exceptional designs. Indie Ella does more than just recycle thousands of 100% silk sari's in to stunning garments and using other upcycled fabrics for many of it's bags. When you buy Indie Ella, you can rest assured you are getting products made and produced in a conscious way.

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